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We are a proud California Based Business and always want our customers to have the best experience here! Make sure to contact us for any of the reasons listed below.



If you would like to contact us because of any issues or anything else, email us at


Refund Policy

Return a Product:

We are happy to refund and return any products that are new unopened and not damaged in any way.

To start a return, email us at within a 14 day period from when the product was received. Email has to be sent within the 14 day period in order for a refund and return to take place. Once emailed, we will provide a return address to which you can send back the product.

We are not responsible for any lost return products, so it is advised that shipments back be tracked. You are responsible for any shipping costs

Once return is accepted, we will refund you within a 2 week period.

 For any product sent damaged or defected, email at within a 14 day period and we will provide a refund.




We are proud to be offering shipping in many different locations. We always want to offer our customers with great service.

Do you have worldwide shipping?

Yes, we offer free worldwide shipping on most of our products to many different countries. Unfortunately, their are some locations that we are unable to ship to, so if you are located in one of those areas, we will contact you.

How long is shipping?

As for shipping times, shipping times depend on your location and our couriers availability. Most of the time you can expect shipping times to be around 2 weeks or so unless stated otherwise. If shipping is delayed, it may be due to a technical difficulty either we or our couriers are having. 

How about customs?

We are not responsible for any customs fees once the products are shipped.